You Are Love First

you-are-love-omYou are Love first – You are this great energetic force of Life – You are Life. You are therefore not a problem – we have created problems because we have forgotten what we are – we have forgotten not how to Love, but that we ARE Love. Breathe easy in yourself and know that ultimately all is well.

Breathe down your frontal line opening up your frontal area as you go feeling the genital area, not being ashamed of this, then back up the back and out your mouth.
This is the course of the natural life energy current that moves through the body.
Put five minutes aside a day to just feel that you are more than all the things and conditions that tell you that you are not.
Gaze easy and naturally at yourself and others and Remember this Unproblematic energy that you are.

Vitality and Joy are natural, they should never be something that you have to conjure up. What are you doing to yourself, what are you believing about yourself, that makes you think that you do not have these. Shame, guilt and fear are made up because we have created a problem – they are not natural feelings given from a natural way of being. Nothing you do is shameful. To be bright and intelligent is not an academic thing it is an open Hearted attitude that creates Divine Intelligence – the more you sit within your feeling of no problem – the more natural divine intelligence you will have- the body knows inherently what to do – it is always naturally striving for balance – it already knows it is love. Do not rely on anyone for Love – You are selling yourself out and you are insulting yourself. Empowered Woman are needed in this world – Natural energetically beautiful, empowered woman are what this world needs. You are a wonder.

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