What is Tantra and are these retreats Tantric?

To AM standing apricot dress outer glowanswer this one must firstly understand the misconception and misuse of Tantra in the modern world of sexuality.

Tantra is most commonly associated with tantric sex or sexuality.  This is an incomplete rendering of the Great Tradition of Tantra.

Tantra Yoga is a Yoga primarily involved in the process of releasing Life-Force (within the psycho/physical body more commonly called sexual energy) from the knot or cramp of self-consciousness.  It is not, in the first place, simply or merely a yoga to enhance or stimulate sexual energy for the sake of bodily sex with another.

Yes, these retreats are Tantric in the Great and Ultimate sense in that my purpose  with you is primarily the Work of assisting you to release sexual energy from the self-conscious knot.

It is not about being stimulated by another or learning how to stimulate another. Not in the first place anyway.  It is about awakening to your own bodily pleasurable self whether or not you have a current sexual partner.

I Work within the Great Tradition of Tantra.  Therefore I Work with your complete psycho/physical form; the emotional sexual, mental sexual, physical sexual and altogether Spiritual Sexual.

Motiveless sexuality is Your Real sexual freedom.

Just as motiveless celibacy is your Real sexual freedom.

Finally. Yes, these retreats, and the Tantric element within them, will help and enhance and stimulate your bodily sexual giving and receiving within the sex play communion with another.

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