The Vital Outcome of Sexuality

statue outer glow

The outcome of sexuality is the vital, radiant and un-selfconscious energy of life. Inherant pleasure is the feeling of sexuality.

Therefore it should be shown and given in every second of every moment of your life. Why?  Because it is your very nature and therefore natural to you.

The enlightened interpretation of sexuality is an interpretation that understands that you are not a problem. In this feeling of no problem you will uphold a full and constantly renewed sense of vital well being.  This means that your interactions will be open, full and life giving (un-selfconscious) not closed, weary or life diminishing.(self conscious).

This is the practice of radical self understanding. This means you will have to have a love and passion for something greater than your perceived limitations, ideas and values of who you currently think you are and what is important to you.  Somtimes you need help to move the obstacles that prevent you from seeing this. That is what i am here for.

What limitations do you hold around sexuality and sex that you feel prevents an open feeling of pleasure and creativity?

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