The Conundrum of Sexual Freedom (Part 2)

Painter Arunas Zilys - Melody DreamingStress and sexual negativity brought on through imbalanced and abusive conditions on all energetic levels (mental, emotional, physical etc) leaves many people with psychological scars that we do not know how to deal with. We are ashamed, we feel unworthy and most of all we feel unloved, unaccepted. To take the road of No Problem is a radical and revolutionary step. We are all trying to fix the problems to heal ourselves. If you wish to stand up and claim what is inherent of you, your primal well being sexuality, a person can no longer blame anything external. You must take responsibility for all that is going on emotionally/sexually physically for you. That is the start of becoming sexually alive! That is the start of your real full sexual humanness.

Joy and Vital living are uncommon energies that are felt in humans as a constant and strong force. Yet, these are natural body energies that should be available to everyone 100 percent of the time.
We are not given a choice to live these if we are told from day one in all manner of ways, that we can’t claim these unless we feel loved, accepted, appreciated and fulfilled, always by something external or internal (good thoughts, affirmations etc). We were easily conned and had no choice but to intuit, absorb and listen to negativity in the form of “do this, this and this, or, behave like this, this and this” and then, you will be a good boy or girl.” Caregivers and teachers would not have called this negative, they felt they were making you into a good human being. But here I use negativity as a word that means going against the natural already perfect appreciation and acceptance of the human life you are…everything included, all feelings, thoughts and actions.

If we are going against what is natural and life given, we can only be trying to manipulate ourselves or others into becoming something that we are not. We have become (if we quiet ourselves) a consistent nagging bag of thoughts and feelings. Always trying to prove our worth to counteract feelings of no worth, and, the bugger of this is, there are only a limited number of ways we can prove this. Society, culture and religion only allow for so many types of behaviour patterns. Anything outside of this is sinful, weird, odd, eccentric, dirty or not to be taken seriously.
To make yourself right, there are parts of you that you have to make wrong. You have to leave out, not acknowledge and suppress the mischievous, naughty (by societies standards) and eccentric, the outspoken and the raw. In my opinion the very things and feelings that bring charisma, pleasure, joy, humour and wonder.  Most of us have to fake the mundane and acceptable to be considered sane and suppress the mischievous joy because apparently we will become insane. But insane because we had normalized mundane and inertia into the realms of sane!#!! We are bizarre!

But I am happy and joyfully relieved to tell you, that this is not how you have to live. This is not how it has to be.
You were born from life’s wondrous affair and in being so you energetic gifts are powerful and enable the most fulfilling and genuinely light-hearted life. Firstly with yourself and then as a natural extension to others.

Are you ready for an inner revolution! You can reclaim your great inherent sexual.
Become your own shaman healer.
Do not be afraid to stand up and feel the vital joy of your sexual body.
Don’t be afraid to feel feelings that you may not have felt for a long long time, maybe never!
Come to Eyes Open Sacred Feminine Retreat and enter into an Environment and situation where in every way you will be told and made to feel that you were NEVER a problem and enable yourself to start on a road that can only give you back your dignity, honour and great sexual joy!

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