Sexual life energy is as natural as the breath

AM colourWe all know that historically, sex and sexuality have not been used in a positive and life-affirming way (especially not in the case of the female gender). At the beginning of 2015, I can see that sexuality is still not used to affirm life. From my numerous years as daughter, mother, lover, friend and through creating various types of relationships with women, I can see that we do not feel healthy and sexually full.

There is still a lot of manipulation and frustration around feelings to do with sexuality. Yes, it is a subject that is spoken about, but it is either in clinical sterile theoretical environments, or raucous “I’m so-embarrassed I will use ironic humour” environments, or therapeutic “let’s feel the touchy-feely conscious love, but once it is finished I still hate myself” environments.

The fact of the matter is it is not something we should need to talk about; sexual life energy is as natural as breath. You have it because it lives you, it is your motivating force and it is powerful. But its power is not in its sacred ability to ascend you into communion with God, (that is already the case). Its power is to make the ordinary profound again. You can now become an ordinary, balanced (sattvic) human being. No clinging, no pushing away, merely being.

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