How about we start at the beginning?

Avadhoot Gate Close Up 500 pxHave you ever freely expressed what you think about about sex and or sexuality?

Have you ever had open discussions about your thoughts and ideas and how you prefer your sex or sexuality to be?

Have you ever been confronted with the idea that you do not need to do anything at all to feel satisfied and alive and open and full of joy?

Most of us haven’t.

Most of us have been told how to be, how to behave, what to say, how to say it, what to do or not do and how and what to feel.

There is an argument that if we do not have rules and regulations we will become chaotic and disorganised, we will not know what to do to survive and live peacefully, we will become like animals, we will become uncivilised.

I would argue that we already do not know how to live peacefully, that we are already chaotic and disorganised in terms of how we treat each other and this beautiful world and that we are barely surviving as a species. Animals have a natural intergration with their life and their conditions which means they live within their means, never taking more or less than is necessary and never live beyond their natural and innate instincts.

The first argument is a false presumption based on the demise of people living in fear and needing rules. It is outdated and obviously used to protect an archaic system that does not work.

In this society, fear instigates almost all action to seek, it instigates our presumptions around sexuality and creates predjudice and timidity.

We do not live in a fear-less community of people that enables each individual to independently explore what is right for them to do or how to be.

Sexuality has never been approached in a way that allows for individuals to feel what it means for them to be sexually full and satisfied. Most people would not know where to start.

How about we start right at the beginning, the beginning being the place where you were before anything was asked of you or expected of you, before ideas and values were given to you. You came with all you needed to be a great and full sexual human being. You were full of unique potential to express and feel the delight of your own making. You still are, but you have stopped believing this to conform to what you think is normal, to stop the uncomfortable feeling that something is not quite right and does not quite “fit” you.

You gave up your right to celebrate and stay in awe and wonder of your new body and this mysterious world. You gave up your right to become self responsible, to explore what was necessary for you to explore to stay balanced and whole, vital and complete.  And as a result your sexuality and vitality have waned and become confusing.

I am here to help you come into contact with your beginning again. I am here to help empower you to claim what should never have been driven or depressed out of you. Your Life, Your Sex, Your Charisma, Your full Joy, Your ability to be Self Responsible at the level of the Unity with Life…

Eyes Open Retreats allows you to explore all of this, to help you understand that you have never been a problem that there is no sin and that you are not a sinner and therefore have nothing to feel ashamed of or anything to fix.