A Good Education

A Good Education

article-2451782-18A7018700000578-235_640x497A good education is where one arrives at 20 years of age and knows how to take responsibility of their own feelings. A sound human knowledge education is one where the individual has deeply understood her or his innate natural gifts that nature has inscribed in him or her. In other words we not only know some facts about the world and career oportunities but, much more, we understand the nature of our sexuality in terms of being a human being.

Rather than trying to un-naturally conform our nature to man made ideas and rules that are founded on gender prejudice, fear and its need for power and control, it is more intelligent and wise to align ourselves to the laws of Nature.

After all, the body is birthed out of the laws of nature, not the laws of man. The bodies sexuality is a natural expression within the laws of nature.

We must first of all locate ourselves, our emotional sexual bodily self not by comparing to another or how good we are for another but, rather, by understanding ones self as a unique bodily being in nature.

Every woman and every man must first of all understand their own emotional sexual self and be completely comfortable in their own emotional sexual body before looking for emotional sexual approval from another.

However, this is not the case with most of us. We begin to feel like we are a problem because we cannot attract someone sexually. Our lack of a true human education shows up nowhere more obviously in our pursuit to find emotional sexual approval and worth from another person. Who, by the way, is doing exactly the same thing.

Sexual intimacy must begin, for all of us, women and men, with the enquiry, how do I become a pleasure to myself?

Am I already an emotional sexual pleasurable human being?

Do I know, without guilt and shame, how to be a pleasure to myself? Do I understand and adhere to the natural laws of my own body before I start trying to obey the rules and conditions of another persons bodily life?

Are you aware of how much your emotional sexual self is “owned” by another. How much of your self have you given away to another in the hope of getting back what you want?

Religion and societal laws have always been about controlling sexuality as a means of controlling the congregation or workforce.

The usual relationships between woman and man are frought with control and ownership of the others emotional sexual life. On the basis of the usual “trade me for you” relationship we begin to doubt our own emotional sexual intelligence and intuition. Trying to conform your inherently natural self to someone elses ideas and demands in order to meet their satisfction almost always eventually leads to the de-vitalisation of your own bodily self.

It is not a new sexual techique or a new lover or more knowledge one needs in order to improve or enhance ones own pleasurable sexual self or relationship. It is, with great help and guidance, intelligently and wisely understanding ones own level of self-worth before any sexual relationship has begun.