Your Accidentally Divine Sexual-ness!

Inbetween-Fear-N-Excitement-2008You are a catyclysmic pulse of sensuous light that moves chemicals and particles accidently, divinely, into an unapologetic wonderful display of organic energy.

This creation that is you is from the wonderfully freely divine (meaning beyond world physics but including it) intelligence of Life make-up. A sexual and primal, primitive life intelligence bound and made you. Why then, do we still not afford this of ourselves? What have you done along the way to stop feeling the great wonder, delight and wild mystery that is essentially you? Why do you not tacidly feel your real life intelligence anymore.

It is not the sex act and how to do it or how to approach it that we need to address. We do not have to learn how to masturbate again, how to touch another, how to show our vaginas to others- how to look someone in the eye softly, we are all perfectly pleasurably capable of doing that naturally – No, it is the ugly self imposed feeling of guilt and shame that we place on ourselves because we have forgotten our natural; trading it for a set of rules and regulations we had to follow to belong, to not be punished.  We can be the most gorgeous, the most sumptuous, the most erotic person in the world, but there is always a feeling of uncomfortableness, uneasiness, self consciousness. And therefore these are the feelings that stop us from doing what is naturally and easefully right for us to do.

So what do we learn if we come to a sexuality life teacher?

We do not go to learn anything!

We come to undo all the things that we thought we had to learn to be a responsible law abiding social culturally appropriate citizen. We give our attention to the teacher who has understood and lives this themselves, these are the credentials the teacher must have. We come to understand, in their company, what we are up to and have been up to, so we are able to be distracted from the false identity that we have created over time. We come into their company to feel the wonder again, to feel the freedom of not being judged, of no predjudice. We come into their company to see and feel their unproblematic disply of the inherent full and sexual self so that we can trust and feel our own again.

You cannot learn what is naturally of you.

You come to honour what the teacher lives, because you understand what you have lost in yourself and you wish to honour that again, to create a relationship based on that; full again, unjustifiable again, emotionally strong again.

You come to that teacher to remember who you are!

What are your natural feelings around sexuality?

What are your natural feelings around sexuality?

images-4What are your natural feelings around sexuality?

What are your naturally full and juicy thoughts around sex? What do you really prefer and are you willing to stand up for what is naturally right for you. Do you have the emotional strength to stand out on your own and live what is right for you? Do you also have others around you that support and know and also live this?

What would be hugely helpful for any young humans basic emotional needs, no matter what race, culture or gender, is to know that what they feel is not abnormal, unnatural or unaccepted. To know that they are still appreciated no matter how unusual or opposite they are to anyone elses feelings or thoughts. Even more helpful would be, to never hold that one to that particular expression of feeling, to allow that one the opportunity to change their mind and opinion about what and how they feel. To know, that they should never be bound to thinking that they are only capable of certain types of feelings and that these feelings and ensuing thoughts should be linear and constant and reasonable for the sake of others understanding and knowing that one.

We often don’t ask ourselves why something feels weird or unusual. But we don’t have to look to far to see social acceptance is limited, what we are expected to feel and conform to are very minimal in the scheme of our free flowing unlimited life feelings.

We are born with the capacity to feel many things that often completely contradict each other. It makes us feel odd, weird and funny so we more often than not shut these feelings off or down. We think we will become out of control or over the top. My realisation of this is, that we actually become balanced and whole, complete and unafraid of our selves. It is when we are cut off from this free feeling capability and appreciation of this in ourselves, that we become unstable, neurotic and mad.

We are not born with behavioural boundaries. We are taught these and therefore what to respond to and what to reject. But, how, as children did we know that these were right for us. Apparently because the adults, said so. And all to often the adults said so because society said so and society is bound by psychopathic consumer corporations that manipulate out dated, dull religious law, that we in our inertia, often choose not to inspect relative our own intuitive knowing.

We all want to belong, we do not want to be unacceptable to those we want love and approval from. We do not want to stand out, alone and uncomfortable. So, we will take on the behaviour required, and we will tell ourselves that this is right and acceptable. We become conformists and the potential for obsessive, compulsive, neurosis then, becomes very strong.

Free Life Full Feeling, is natural but it is unusual and rare to come across in humans. It is beautiful and raw and primal and balanced and empowered. It will never bind a person to un natural laws. Its path is the path of freedom in Life. Therefore it is boundless and full of unlimited possibilities. One must become emotionally strong to be truly sexually free. You have these possibilities because you are raw primal sexual Life before any act or wish to sex.