You are the essence of what we, with so many misconceptions, have called God…

You are the essence of what we, with so many misconceptions, have called God…

View from InsideYou are the essence of what we, with so many misconceptions, have called God. God and sex are one and the same. Because we are not living our true nature, because we have been conforming to man-made/religious laws, our nervous systems have become blocked unused and undermined by untrue thoughts, and the feelings/emotions that are formed as a result of this aggravated thinking.

When we relax off this thinking, our habits and our addictive patterns of coping, our central nervous system begins to be able to function more efficiently, it becomes open to currents and forces that were shut down because of limited thinking and fear.  We are then able to access new states of awareness, which the body can move into: more expansive thinking, mystical spatial feeling phenomena, intuitive phenomena that reorientate us to our true nature. Energetic interpretations become a relevant currency in communication, and a feeling interpretation of life becomes available, therefore a more ‘realistic’ way of taking action in the world is evident.

Sexuality becomes sacred, not to bind yourself to the physical but because you understand that this force motivates all your bodily functions, actions and communication in the world. It is the instigator and creator of vitality, joy and pleasure therefore must be honoured and looked after.  Given acknowledgement and celebrated.  Not suppressed and judged, nor saved only for the act of sex, nor taken as motivation just towards sex in and of itself. This is a degradation of our sexuality and sensuality.

Sexuality gives you drive and attractiveness that has nothing to do with physical beauty and youth, but is energetic beauty.  Beauty that emanates as a result of vital, unselfconscious sexual energy. In fact this type of beauty is something that should grow as one gets older and as dependence on worldly affairs becomes less important.  This does not tend to happen because of our obsession with sex as being just a bodily act to get something from. As we get older, we feel we lose this and cannot compete or do not even want to compete with youth and its fresh beauty.  We lose touch with our sexual force, rendering it obsolete.  Blessed is the one who understands this non-attachment to conditional life at an early age and who finds beauty, or beauty finds them, in the infinite well of incomparable sexual life energy.

There is nothing given in the world that allows you to become one with your sexual force or life force. Nothing.  This is because there is only sexual force or life force. You cannot get back to something when you are already there.

Therefore ask yourself: what do you do to stop yourself from feeling and realising that you are already sexually full and complete?  What thoughts and ideas about yourself or the world or others do you reject because you have a judgment or prejudice that “this is not right or relevant”.  What are these judgments based on? Who instigated them, was it your inherent and full sexual self?

How is sexuality instigated or prompted then, how is it represented in your life?  What codes are we making up or conforming to, which make us think that something else is not it?  If there is only life force and sexual energy, when does something become not this?

Through suppression we have become extremely right or extremely wrong.  As a result our bodies have had to fight to reharmonise themselves.  We have ended up expressing ourselves in extremely extrovert or introvert ways, becoming odd and weird and inappropriate, not fully Human, slightly insane.  These expressions have not been out of a natural balance but out of the wish for the body to try and get itself back to some natural harmony again.

However when we have believed our ideas, and they have become habitual, the body keeps losing its hold on inherent harmony because our rigid mind and its thoughts and the accompanying feelings keep taking over and winning, therefore suppressing the body’s inherent drive to rebalance itself again.

This is a constant battle within ourselves, which we liken to a battle of good and evil, right and wrong (very biblical and Christian in nature) but it is merely the body fighting against the suppression created by our limited ideas, thoughts and habitual patterns of behaving according to these.